The Politics of Bad Options: Why the Problems of the Eurozone are so Hard to Resolve (w. Stefanie Walter and Nils Redeker). Now available open access via Oxford University Press.
Working Papers
Electoral Formulas, Party Magnitude and Class Representation in List Systems
When Identity trumps Class: Women, Workers and Statistical Representation under Low Party Gatekeeping
Trust in Action: Cooperation, Information and Social Policy Preferences in Italy (w. Francesco Colombo, R+R)
In Progress

Social Class and Fiscal Policy Enactment among Italian Mayors (with Pietro Panizza)

Trade Unions and Electoral Support for Left Parties in Sweden (1986-2018) (with Jonas Pontusson)

Book reviews and other texts

Altered Risks or Static Divides? Labor Market Inequality during the Great Recession (2020). With Hanna Schwander. Florence: Max Weber Working Paper No. 2020/9.

From Convergence to Crisis: Labor Markets and the Instability of the Euro by Alison Johnston. 2017. (Book Review), New York: Europe Now No. 2017/3.